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"The end result is spectacular. The local people can’t believe how amazing it looks. In turn this has resulted in great footfall, strong initial sales and artists, crafters, artisans and small businesses already making money. This will be spent not just on their company growth, but locally on dance lessons and football boots for our children, to feed our families and to support other local businesses we spend our money in. Fishing communities like Kilkeel don’t just want projects like this, they need them. This really works and we look forward to keeping in touch to show you how it develops."

100 Day Challenge

The space became available, so we grabbed it and then came up with a plan. We set ourselves 100 days and asked people to 'Join us'. They did, both crowd funded and crowd sourced (people donating time and bits and pieces). 98 days later we opened the doors. A great example of what can be achieved when a community works together.


3 Floors - theSHOP - theHUB - theSTUDIO

How did it come about?


Every crowd needs someone to stand up first and say ‘Join me’. MADE in Mourne was originated by Jenna Stevenson, a young entrepreneur from Kilkeel. In 2017 Jenna, a mum of one and with a baby on the way, made the decision to move her artisan food business, that was predominantly based in Belfast, back to Kilkeel.


Custom Website & Logo Donated


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Made In Mourne

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Oct 2017