Green Holiday

"We are delighted with the website Thank You Neil at NEOS Design Studio for your creativity and expertise. It's a real pleasure to work with you. We love the timeline too and exciting to see the booking system up and running!"

Custom Web Build + CMS

Integrated with the CMS (Wordpress) system for easy client access, we coded & installed a bespoke booking system integrated within the website which saved the added expense of a third party booking system.
We loved custom coding with 100's of lines of custom css and challenging advanced php coding.


Custom Web Development & Integration

The Project

Dynamic Design.

Inspired by the wonderful fine art work by Piera Cirefice, NEOS designed the website to incorporate the colours of the logo design and natural beauty of the surrounding areas of The Green

Personal Design

Being local really helps as NEOS was able to visit The Green and get an idea of the history of the cottages and to view the surrounding countryside. This really inspired the finished project - clean, crisp, modern with an element of the history behind the cottages and land.

Logo & Branding

by Piera Cirefice
Inspired by the peace and tranquility of the holiday cottages location; nestled in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, Co.Down.
Piera Cirefice is a freelance Illustrator, based in the UK with a BA(Hons) degree in Illustration from Falmouth University.
Having grown up around the Mourne Mountains, the beauty of the outdoors fuels her work, with travel reportage Illustration at the heart of her practice.

Custom Logo Design © Piera Cirefice

Fine Art Illustration

Historic Timeline

Custom historic timeline for Green Holiay Cottages by NEOS Design Studio

Inspired by Piera Cirefice's logo and Mark Hanna's passion for the history of The Green, Neil from NEOS designed a dynamic historic timeline to display key historic moments in the past to help tell the story of The Green

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Green Holiday Cottages

Web Design - NEOS Design Studio

Logo Design - Piera Cirefice

April 2018